Bradley has 20 years’ experience of creating custom online graphic advertisements and print materials. He has conceived and designed solutions for new products, branding and various advertising campaigns. He has strong conceptual development and visualization skills. He is a talented illustrator with the ability to illustrate with various styles. He can take ideas and turn them into clear, informative visual designs. He is well organized, a team player, and detail-oriented. Completes all assigned work efficiently, accurately, and on schedule to ensure due dates are met. Communicates effectively to the appropriate departments to ensure work continuity. He has created spot light videos with voice over, served as a senior member of the Graphics Co-op Committee for OEM Manufacturers. A developer of marketing campaigns and promotional materials. Created  In-mail marketing collateral, monthly newsletters and executive presentations. Developed and implement in-house strategies, processes and best practices to streamline production time and consistency throughout companies. He has earned multiple production awards, simply outrageous service awards and many employee of the month awards.
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